Aberavon Beach

Aberavon beach has 3 miles of sandy beach and the seafront has two miles of flat promenade making it very popular with cyclists and walkers alike.
The wide sandy beach has views across Swansea bay to Mumbles. The beach has plenty of room for everyone to have fun safely, without getting in anyone’s way. It is very popular with surfers, jet skiers, windsurfers, kayakers, paddle boarders and kite surfers. It is also very popular with swimmers. 

Aberavon Seafront is a wonderful destination for a great family day out, even in the cold…On a hot day the safe sandy beach is a haven for hundreds of people enjoying either swimming in the sea or the aqua splash play pool, which is conveniently located on the promenade and is a great draw for the kids.

The promenade is a two-mile section with a clearly identified cycle path. This can be very busy during the summer season. The promenade is part of the “Sustrans” Route 4 which is a long distance route between London and Fishguard. The route offers excellent views across Swansea bay. Other routes for South West Wales can be found here ==> National Cycle Network.

Aberavon beach is essentially split in two by a 900 ft pier, the original wooden pier was built in 1898, this was lost 1962 due to severe gales and the poor state it was in. This pier was replaced by the current concrete and jackstone one. Now only used as a breakwater for the river Afan. To the North of the pier there is a two mile stretch of sand which runs from the pier to the mouth of the River Neath. Care needs to be taken at the North end of the beach where it meets the River Neath as the tides mean that areas can flood quite quickly. The North side of the pier is extremely popular with Surfers as the waves can be quite big. This section of the beach is covered by a Port Talbot council Bylaw which prohibits dogs on the beach between certain periods of the year. This a bylaw in place from the 1st May through to the 30th September which prohibits dogs on the beach and requires all dogs to be on a lead at all times on the promenade. Detail can be found here on the NPT website. https://www.npt.gov.uk/1758